JunéCell Rejuvenation Set – Perfect Starter Set / Travel Kit

£99.99 | All skin types | Day & Night
Luxurious collection of skincare products. This makes a perfect starter kit and is also designed to be the perfect travel companion. So much so you will find it on the  ETHIAD Airlines duty free collection. 
  • JunéCell Rejuvenation Lifting Skin Essence 20ml
  • JunéCell Rejuvenation Lifting Skin Emulsion 20ml
  • JunéCell Rejuvenation Skin Boosting Essence 10ml
  • JunéCell Rejuvenation Enriched Eye Cream 5ml
  • JunéCell Rejuvenation Midnight Recovery Cream Rich 10ml
  • JunéCell Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask
  • Beauté De Cell SPF 50+ Sun Shield 50ml

This is set of luxurious total anti-ageing products all contain “Defined Cell Culture Media” that is composed of ingredients rich in skin-growing factors require
Apply toner, eye cream, essence, emulsion, and cream in order lightly and evenly. Apply mask pack after the skincare according to your skin condition.
The fruits of inimitable cell science allow you to experience a dramatic change in your skin in just 4 weeks.
“Defined Cell Culture Media” (DCCM) developed with cell science know-how accumulated over 25+ years of research, recovers the vitality of your youth, and by delivering DCCM that is differentiated by Nano-liposome Delivery-Tech deep into the skin stably realises the beautiful skin from the inside.
This set allows you to experience the full range of products in a smaller size, because we know once you have tried it, you won't look back ! 
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