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Science to Skin - Leading the way in groundbreaking skin cell care

DraCell Cosmetics was founded by a world renowned stem cell research laboratory, who continue to impress the world with their scientific breakthroughs in skin cell science and over 20 years research in developing our unique clinically proven patented formula, “Defined Cell Culture Media''.

All DraCells pioneering products contain the very best skin care ingredients alongside our skin cell culturing system that repairs rejuvenates and regenerates skin cells creating beautiful looking skin. Our formula targets damaged and ageing skin cells, reversing signs of ageing.

DraCells unique science to skin formula is considered vital to repair, rejuvenate and regenerate your natural skin cells. Over the years as the key research and ingredients have progressed, Dracell found the formula to develop and grow Stem Cells. The fluid used to culture and grow the cells is our key ingredient and what we refer to as “Defined Cell Culture Media” contained in all of our ranges and innovative selection of products.

Uniquely using Stem Cell technology for powerful anti-ageing results, providing, firmer, brighter and younger looking skin.

DraCell UK Cosmetics – Creating the Face of the Future